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Like most aviation companies do, we started avionics training simply for our own employees. When other companies started requesting we provide our training for their employees, we realized we were doing something right. Now we develop courses and deliver training on any topics you might need. Knowing the industry as well as we do, we have many resources to draw from.

No commercial customer is too big or too small. We are experienced in all areas of avionics, from installations, to harness manufacturing, to creating STC’s. Our willingness to travel along with our unique capabilities allows MISix to serve domestic and international customers.

Here For You

We have one location; it is our base at London International Airport, but we are also incredibly flexible to meet your needs and willing to come to you. Having our own aircraft certainly helps with that!

If you have additional questions, call one of our knowledgeable avionics installation sales reps for information, quotes or scheduling.

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