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Aircraft manufacturers must obtain a Type Certificate (TC) in order to go into production and sell their aircraft to the market. When you need to modify an aircraft already type certificated, there are times that you will be required to prove that your “mod” will not negatively affect the original Type Certificate. You will also need to prove that your modification meets the latest design standards.

This additional approval requirement is what we call the STC Process – a Supplemental approval to the original Type Certificate, or STC.

The Process

There are many steps involved in the STC process. They include extensive technical analysis and thorough regulatory review. Substantial time is devoted to engineering, testing, and often flight test. After all the required submissions have been made, the regulatory authority, DAR/DER, or DAO must verify and approve the data. Only then is the STC issued, which is an authorization to manufacture and/or install the modification.

Let us help you find your approval by leveraging our decades of experience in getting you the STC you need!

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STC Approval

Our staff has experience in obtaining STC approvals and can help you navigate through yours. Thinking about upgrading? MISix can help from designing and approving the STC to installing the STC on your aircraft.

Below is a list of our current STC’s which is always expanding. If you see something you require we’d be more than happy to discuss it with you. Remember to contact us for any new STC efforts you need!

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