Wire Harness Aircraft

Wire Harness Manufacture

With state-of-the-art tools that include laser wire marking we are able to manufacture simple to complex wire harnesses for our own products and our customers. We have the ability to manufacture any length harness with any number of branches. Our experience ranges from solder and crimp terminals and pins, to fully integrated equipment rack wiring.

MISix wire harnesses are designed and engineered to meet specific application requirements for systems control, electrical connectivity, testing and support on numerous aircraft and equipment platforms. We offer build to print services for any size production run and can comply with any specifications that you may require. In addition, we perform 100% inspection on all assemblies built that cover continuity testing, insulation/resistance, and functional testing.

Instrument Panel Fabrication

Instrument Panels are designed and manufactured completely in house from start to finish. We manufacture panels to customize your installation exactly the way that you want it. All panels are manufactured using aviation quality aluminum and designed to fit exactly into your aircraft. Panels are painted and engraved in-house the way that you choose.

Our Instrument Panels are precision cut exactly for the instrumentation that you choose, and the end result is a panel that includes your registration number, your input, and your satisfaction.

No more panels cut with jigsaws and hole saws. At MISix, panels are designed using CAD software and machined precisely by a computer controlled CNC machine.

We became an approved Transport Canada Manufacturer to build parts for our own STC’s we install and sell. We now we manufacture products for other companies that hold TC’s and STC’s.

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